• Packaging Products

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    Boxes (Cartons):
    Double and Single Wall Cartons

    Agri Crate
    Banana Crate
    Bread Crate
    Confectionery Tray
    Grape Lug Box
    Multi Purpose Crate
    Vented Crate

    Paper Products
    Corrugated Cardboard (SFK)
    Kraft and Mandini Wrapping Paper
    Kraft Paper
    Mandini Paper
    Tissue Paper (CAP Paper)

    Plastic Products
    Cryovac C/F Shrink Film
    Pallet Wrap
    Plastic Bags
    Polythene Shrink Film
    Self Seal Bags
    Stretch Packer/Refill

    Protective Products
    Anti-Static Bubble Bags
    Anti-Static Bubble Pack
    Kushion Kraft
    Large Bubble Wrap
    Self Seal Bubble Bags
    Small Bubble Wrap

    Tapes: General & Specialised
    Aluminium Tape
    Anti Slip Tape
    Buff Tape
    Coloured Vinyl and Polypropylene Tape
    Double Side Tape
    Filament Tape
    Floor Marking and Barrier Tape
    Masking Tape
    Partitioning Tape
    Printed Tape
    PVC Insulation Tapes
    Reflective Tape
    Sandblast Vinyl Tape
    Silver Duct Tape
    Stationary Tapes
    Teflon Tape

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